10 Minutes To Selling Your Art Online


Got 10 Minutes?

Sometimes, we make things difficult on ourselves. I bet you’d love to sell more of your art, but there are obstacles in your way such as a need for a website, a gallery to represent you, lack of time to set up your etsy shop, and no permanent space to show your work.


Enough with the excuses. We have work to sell. This is currently, my favorite method for artists to sell their work because it’s simple, free to set up, and doesn’t even require a website.

Let’s Do This!

STEP 1: Set up an Instagram account for your art or craft business. Don’t use your personal Instagram! Spend some time on your user name–bonus points if you can get one that is also available on Twitter, Facebook, and as a domain name. Classify your account as an Instagram business account.

Step 2: Set up a PayPal account if you don’t already have one.

Step 3: Post high-quality pictures of your art on Instagram with a detailed description or story, appropriate hashtags, and a price. *Keep in mind that PayPal takes 5%* Instruct people to message you with their email if they wish to purchase.

Step 4: When someone sends you their email, invoice them through PayPal.

Step 5: Once payment is received, ship your work!

Stay tuned for more information on growing your Instagram audience, and engaging with your new fans!

As always, we believe in you, JellyVisionaries! Keep on creating!