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Jelly at Awesome Con Talking About Podcasting!


The Pop Goes the Podcast Panel at Awesome Con

I was privileged to be part of this panel on podcasting at Awesome Con on Sat. May 30th. Everyone on the panel is an active member in our DC Podcaster Community, and puts out an incredible podcast. Make sure to give them all a listen!

The panelists enjoyed answering great questions from an enthusiastic audience and we even recruited some new members to our DC Podcaster Community Facebook group! We also got the chance to tell everyone about the upcoming DC Podfest sponsored by the group and founded by me and Alex Vidales of The Pilot Waves Podcast. For anyone interested in podcasting, DC PodFest takes place Nov.6-8 at the Wonderbread Factory event space in DC.

The Awesome Podcasts on the Panel:

Pilot Waves


It’s All Journalism

The Carolyn and Joe Show

and The JellyVision Show!

 Hear the audio recorded by It’s All Journalism!

Jelly at Awesome Con!


Pop Goes The Podcast Panel at Awesome Con!

When: Saturday May 30th at 4:45pm

Where: Washington Convention Center  Washington, DC

Who: A panel of podcasters that include Jelly as well as Joe Carabeo from The Carolyn and Joe Show, Alex Vidales from Pilot Waves Podcast , Michael O’Connell from It’s All Journalism and Justin McLaughlin of EOS 10 Podcast. 

What: A lively discussion about the awesomeness of the podcasting platform. Why you should be listening and why you may want to start your own show.