Here’s Jelly!

Jennifer “Jelly” Crawford is the co-host of The JellyVision Show Podcast which she started with Tim Trueheart on Feb. 10, 2010 when she owned a creative incubator called The Soundry. The Soundry is a long story that you will hear about now and then on the show. She now runs a spunky social media agency called Social Media Rescue that specializes in online and offline marketing strategies for small and medium size businesses.

She still performs with Tim in the Northern Virginia based improv troupe, The Improv Imps, and in her spare time she flexes her creative muscles by writing comedy sketches for their themed shows.

In 2015, she foundedĀ DC Podfest, an intimate conference for indie podcasters in Washington, DC.

Occasionally she speaks at conferences.

Jelly’s Very Favorite Things:

Weird People (Entrepreneurs, Artists, Rabble Rousers)



All Other Slow Moving Animals


Working Out

Listening to Podcasts



Organizing People and Events