Make The Usual Unusual


F*ck The Machine. This was our motto and our original logo we used at The Soundry, and I often turn to it as a personal theme. It reminds me that it is important to buck trends and be original. If you are in need of an original idea, turn to the usual and make it unusual. Go against the accepted standard.

I remember when The Soundry first opened, it was time to put on our first art show. I wanted to do something different to get our unique, co-working space for the creative class some much needed attention. I decided I wanted to put on an art show of 2×3 inch (exactly) miniature masterpieces. At the time, people told me I was nuts. Although I had never put on an art show before, and I had no idea what I was doing, my gut told me this was going to be a special show. To make a long story short, I was right! It was our most successful show that allowed indie artists entre’ into art shows, and more experienced artist a way to introduce their work to new buyers at an approachable price. And, we sold tons of art because not only did they have prices that didn’t intimidate people, buyers didn’t have to think about if these tiny treasure were going to for above the sofa. The show turned many people into art buyers.

I’m bragging, because to this day, I am so happy with myself that I didn’t back away from my unusual idea. Baby Canvases is still happening, now at an amazing indie art space called Olly Olly that is run by the Uber-Talented, Jessica Kalista. If you are anywhere near Fairfax, VA on Nov. 26th, 2016, I hope you will attend the next baby Canvases Art Show and pick up some amazing art.

So, JellyVisionaries–I want you to F*ck The Machine. But whatever you do, don’t Google it.