3 Ways Creatives Can Get Attention

Get Noticed2


Do you know what magically happens when you organize something? YOU become a leader. Do you know what happens when you become a leader? You get noticed. Oh. That wasn’t so hard.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  Art Shows

  Funky Events

  Writing Groups

  Festivals About Your Passion

  Open Mics

  MeetUp Groups


Something that creatives often don’t realize, is that having a strong social media presence makes you more attractive to the kinds of people who can get you noticed.


   Local papers and magazines


   Event organizers

     Agents and Bookers

  News Stations

A strong, active social media presence shows them the potential you have of helping them reach a larger, fresh audience by sharing your podcast interview, the blog post you are quoted in, or the event where you are booked to perform on your social media channels. It also shows them that you take your art seriously, so they will naturally respect you as a creative professional. This is all good stuff.


Hang out with suits? Are you crazy? They will take one look at my awesome tattoos and piercings and run for the crudites. Hold on there weirdo. Maybe, maybe one person will run away. Fuck them. Those that remain in the room will be fascinated by what you do because they can’t do it. They are also your potential customers and allies in the business world.

Go to MeetUp.com and search for business networking groups in your area. Check out their Meetup pages and the kinds of events they host. Make sure they have a healthy membership and regular events–those are the groups that you will benefit from the most. Join the group and attend their next event.

Get comfortable telling people what you do. The size of your bank account does not determine what you do. If you create on a consistent basis, are dedicated to your craft and want to do it as your living, you have every right to say:  I am a writer. I am a collage artist. I am a burlesque performer. I am a comedian. I am a painter. I am a photographer. I am an indie crafter. I am a comedy writer.  I am a clothing designer. I am a muralist. I am a belly dancer. I am a filmmaker. You get the idea.

Have a non-business card. You are creative, so the traditional business card is not for you. But, you do need something that you can give to people with your website, contact info. and social media handles,  so they can track you down after the networking event. And they will track you down. You can have stickers made for about the same price as business cards. And you know what? Everyone loves a sticker. You can also get a custom rubberstamp made and stamp your contact info on a surface of your choice.

Commit To The Creative Hustle and Art Wins


As Creative Entrepreneurs, if we combine our imaginations with lots of hustle; art wins.

Wasting time drives me mad, but someone else wasting my time makes me crawl the walls!  While waiting a painfully, long time for my phone to be repaired at my local, Verizon Wireless store, I bitch slapped that wannabe wasted time by putting The JellyVision Show Podcast on every screen in the store.  Just a little creative hustle turned that “wasted” time into some free marketing for the show.

As creators, we sometimes feel stifled by a lack of finances when we could be capitalizing on our imaginations to make things happen. Guerilla marketing in the Verizon store is just one example to get your juices flowing.

I am a psychotic she-beast about wasted time.

Time is our most valuable, non-renewable resource. Think about it! We can’t get it back once it’s gone. Nobody is making us more and we can’t replace it if we misuse it. If we don’t respect our own time, as well as others’, we will live a life full of regrets, bad relationships and lost opportunities. I don’t think any of us will be on our deathbeds thinking about the number of likes we got on our Selfies, how much nice stuff we have, or how we wish we weren’t dying because we are going to miss the Season Finale of Walking Dead. My guess is that we will be thinking about our relationships, our experiences and the legacies we are leaving behind.We will be examining how well we used our limited amount of time.

Best selling author, innovative entrepreneur and mega-hustler, Gary Vaynerchuck defines hustle as, “Putting all your effort into achieving the goal at hand. ..That means making every minute count.” In this Gary Vaynerchuk original movie, he explains how time relates to your hustle and how your hustle relates to your success.

Comfort is a Life Destroyer


Never Normal 

On the 156th Episode of The JellyVision Show Podcast, we shared how we’ve been applying perseverance and accountability to our current artrepreneurial endeavours. Here is a bit more on the subject of perseverance.

 Perseverance: per·se·ver·ance noun:  steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.


Achieving any goal requires that you make the DECISION to move forward despite the Mother Fudging Obstacles. You have to play Nug-A-Nug with those bad Boogies. That is what weirdos do. We trade challenges for the chance to show the world our vision. We take that obscure path through the woods that no one has noticed because it’s so overgrown. But we see it clearly–a path like no other path, and we start hacking.

That conscious DECISION is crucial–it can’t waiver with doubt or be tempted by that backstabbing bitch-beast, Plan B. You will be challenged, hurt and shit on by people and circumstances you can’t control. You don’t care because this chance, that comes with zero guarantees, is less risky than falling for that Psychotic Life Destroyer, COMFORT or being accepted as one of THE NORMALS. You are extraordinarily ODD! Celebrate it by wiping the shit off and continuing to swing. It is not your shit, so it really doesn’t matter. You are now out of the woods and on your own path to success.


F*ck Fear–Go ALL IN ON YOU!



This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast we welcome back visionary artist, Anthony D’Amico to deconstruct and analyze the afterbirth  of his theatrical, one night art show, The Glass Factory. Anthony went ALL-IN financially, emotionally and physically and we find out what he learned, what he regrets and what opportunities came from taking such a gigantic risk. Artists and entrepreneurs can relate to the risk and vulnerabilities involved in creating something from nothing, putting yourself out there, and going for broke. Follow Anthony on Twitter!

Art Collector? Please contact Anthony to arrange a private showing and artist interpretation by emailing him at designconstructart@yahoo.com

Wisdom nuggets from this episode:

  • The beauty of creating is that nobody can take it away from you. It is forever on your resume.
  • There is more than one way to pay an artist.
  • You never forget powerful experiences
  • Being uncomfortable gives you creative friction
  • Limited resources frees up untapped creativity 
  • There is always a way if you are willing to change your mindset
  • Failure is ok, putting in less than 100% effort is not
  • You can be rich and not be a millionaire
  • You can be a millionaire and not be rich
  • Your darkest hours are temporary. So are your brightest days.
  • Creatives need to get comfortable creating a Call to Action
  • Don’t ever be passive with your art or your life.

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