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Four Money Mindsets For A Rich Life


Money Is A Tool

Money is often associated with greed, and corruption (Thanks Financial Crisis of 2008 and the $7.7 TRILLION bank bailout) but it’s simply a tool that we can use to gain freedoms and choices. Consider a brick. You can use it to build a house, or throw it, and break a window. As creative entrepreneurs, we need to adopt a more positive relationship with money so that we don’t sabotage our own success by our sheer aversion to it. This leads to weakness is pricing our products and services, under-education on money management, and even guilt for being paid for our goods and services. Evilization of money will cripple you in business. If it helps, think of all the good things that money does in the world. Check out the world-changing work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for a start. Prepare to feel good about money!


 Money Isn’t The Best Way To Get Rich

Have you known someone with lots of money, but little joy?  Me too! Being an entrepreneur since age 19, I’ve had times with plenty of money, and I’ve had less than zero money after one of my businesses failed. Having a negative amount of money was painful, but it opened my eyes to what was really valuable in my life. It wasn’t a single possession. In fact, I sold quite a few possessions in order to pay my bills.  At that time, I had nothing in the bank, but I realized I was very, very rich. The things that I value the most are my husband, my friends, my family, my health, my podcast, my improv troupe, and my burning desire to build businesses.  Everything else is gravy.

This article from RichDad.com points out that many people who make a lot of money are not monetarily rich because they spend too much on living expenses and taxes. They often spend what they earn, and then some. This is worth a read. Just because someone drives a nice car, and lives in a big house does not mean they are rich in any way.



 Time Is Worth More Than Money

We always here that time is money, but that isn’t exactly correct. Time is infinitely more valuable than money. You can always make more money which is one reason I don’t stress too much about it. I do stress out about time. Once you realize time is a non-renewable finite resource, you will guard it, value it, and cut out a lot of life’s bullsh*t. We start each day with the same 24 hours as everyone else. It’s empowering to know that we can take that even playing field and crush it by the end of each day. Here is a great post from Success.com on why time is more important than money. It turns out that people who value their time over money are much happier. And that is science, folks!



 Money Should Work For YOU

How can we get money working for us, and stop our daily scramble to pay our bills and get ahead? Good news, JellyVisionaries, there are lots of things you can do!

  • Pay yourself first. When money comes in, set aside 10% and put it in an interest savings account. We all waste at least 10% of our money, so trust me, you will still pay your bills, but you may go out to eat less. Once you save a thousand dollars, consider moving it our of a low interest savings account into a higher return investment. Here are some smart ways to invest $1,000 in 2016. 

  • Use affiliate marketing to make passive income. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other businesses’ products. Establish yourself as an affiliate with your favorite businesses, and start promoting them to your audiences with your affiliate code or link which will typically give your audience a discount and earn you a commission. Consult this article from ProBlogger on the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing. 

  • Sell products online. Your business can earn income while you sleep when you sell products online. Your store is never closed and is open to people all over the world. You just have to help them find you. Here is my post 10 Minutes To Selling Your Art Online but that method does take more monitoring than an online shop like etsy or having a shop live on your website. Here is an article on how to set up a store on your website.  It’s not as hard as you think!

The Jellysode:


I hope you enjoyed this blog post about money, JellyVisionaries! I wish you all the money you need to have the lifestyle and freedoms you desire. You are worth every penny!



10 Minutes To Selling Your Art Online


Got 10 Minutes?

Sometimes, we make things difficult on ourselves. I bet you’d love to sell more of your art, but there are obstacles in your way such as a need for a website, a gallery to represent you, lack of time to set up your etsy shop, and no permanent space to show your work.


Enough with the excuses. We have work to sell. This is currently, my favorite method for artists to sell their work because it’s simple, free to set up, and doesn’t even require a website.

Let’s Do This!

STEP 1: Set up an Instagram account for your art or craft business. Don’t use your personal Instagram! Spend some time on your user name–bonus points if you can get one that is also available on Twitter, Facebook, and as a domain name. Classify your account as an Instagram business account.

Step 2: Set up a PayPal account if you don’t already have one.

Step 3: Post high-quality pictures of your art on Instagram with a detailed description or story, appropriate hashtags, and a price. *Keep in mind that PayPal takes 5%* Instruct people to message you with their email if they wish to purchase.

Step 4: When someone sends you their email, invoice them through PayPal.

Step 5: Once payment is received, ship your work!

Stay tuned for more information on growing your Instagram audience, and engaging with your new fans!

As always, we believe in you, JellyVisionaries! Keep on creating!



Stop Believing Your Own BullSh*t And Start A Creative Business


“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never.’”
– Martin Luther

I’ve believed a lot of my own bullsh*t over the years, and I still do sometimes. Luckily, I’ve become mindful when I do it, and I whack those thoughts with an imaginary Whack-A-Mole club. The thing is, we allow ourselves to believe bullsh*t ideas, and those thoughts let us off the hook, give us excuses to avoid risks, convince us not to try, and keep us in the “comfort zone” where nothing ever significant happens.

Do these sound familiar?

I’ll do it someday.

Let’s be honest, the perfect time to make a major move in your life hardly ever presents itself in all its shining glory. Someday is a slippery bastard, and it likes to slither away and hide in the shadows of our dreams. Do your dream TODAY. I’m not saying quit your job, but make a decision to commit to make your business happen, and then take an action to move you closer to it. Want to write a book? Start writing a paragraph a day. Sign up for a writing class. Research self-publishing. Blog.


I can’t survive without a regular paycheck.

I hear this all the time, and it’s bullsh*t. It is not hard to make money. What is a lot harder is taking back control of your time. An employer owns a good portion of your time. They get a really good deal because they can always make more money to replace the wages they pay you, but you can not regenerate your time. Wrap your mind around that for minute.

Keep in mind, people lose their jobs unexpectedly every day. I went to Panera the other day and they had more self check-out stations than cashiers. A lot of jobs are being replaced my machinery, technology, and cheap overseas labor. It’s time to get real about job security. It no longer exists. The sooner you learn to think like an entrepreneur, the more likely you will be able to support yourself in any economic situation.

Opportunity is everywhere, but you have to go after it. If I had to make money right this second, I’d walk out of my house and start knocking on doors. I’ve done this before during the recession on the 90’s. I’ve told the story on the podcast. I’d introduce myself as a neighbour and offer to clean their house, walk their dog, wash their car, mow their lawn, run errands, deliver groceries, pull weeds, do research, organize their closets, teach them something I know (guitar lessons?), plan a party, prepare dinner, paint something, etc. I promise you, if you do that, you will have money by the end of the day, and most likely regular business that can support you while your creative endeavours develop.

Nobody cares about what I do.

Creatives, particularly, are convinced they don’t do anything special because their creativity comes naturally to them. What comes so naturally to you is so alien to most people. Non-creatives are fascinated by your talents, and know you make original things that can’t be cheaply reproduced in China. What you create has value. Originality is more valuable than ever. People care about your story because it’s not their story. Tell them how you create, show them your studio, or writing space. Share your mistakes, works in progress, your funky clothes–they want to know you because you are NOT BORING. Lots of people will care lots about you and what you do if you open that door, and let them in.

I can’t make money as an artist.

This one drives me crazy. There are stories all the time in business magazines about members of the creative class running successful businesses. Is it easy? No, but no business is easy, I assure you. Will every creative make it? No, but a lot of businesses don’t make it.

First, you need to realize your value, and never waiver. Don’t treat your work like a walking flea market. Don’t haggle, barter, or compromise out of desperation.

Second, if you plan to support yourself as a creative, making money has to become a priority. If you are a graphic designer, in addition to getting freelance work, think about licensing original designs, or putting your original designs on clothing and textiles. Start a t-shirt company. You don’t even need a website or online store. Open an Instagram account and post your t-shirts with a price. If somebody wants to buy it, they can comment with their email and size. You invoice them via Paypal. Get payment, and ship.

Need help getting your creative business off the ground? I am always happy to help both on and off the podcast. Email me here: jellyvisionshow@gmail.com


As always, we believe in you! Be Weird. Be Your Kind of Successful!

Love, Jelly

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