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5 Rad Reasons To Quit Your Job Today


Some 80% of your life is spent working. You want to have fun at home; why shouldn’t you have fun at work?” – Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder

A 2014 Gallup Poll found that 70% of U.S. employees were not engaged in their jobs. In other words, they were not enthusiastic about their work, or committed to their place of employment. A vast majority of people hate their jobs. As Richard Branson points out in his quote above, a lot of us are spending 80% of our lives miserable.

I get it. Kinda. I’ve never had a “real job” and really never found it that difficult to start a business. And trust me, it’s not because I am any smarter than you. If you can stomach the torture of the nail-biting interview process, I’m pretty sure you can handle getting an EIN number, and a business license.

Not everyone should to quit their jobs today, and start a business, but a lot of you really need to consider it. If you love your job–stay. If you don’t like your job, but your financial/health/family situation is precarious–stay for now, but start a side business and start planning your exit. The rest of you, listen up!

5 Reasons To Quit Your Job Today

You Don’t Have Kids or A Mortgage: If you don’t have the burden of a lot of huge responsibilities, take advantage of it. I started my first business when I was 19. I was single, shared an apartment with three other people, and I owned very little. It was the perfect time to take a risk on a business idea because I had little to lose. By the way, I started that business with $75, and it later became a million dollar company.

Take stock of what you have to lose. If you are still living at home rent-free, and going to a job that you hate, I just don’t get it. Make the most of that kind of  privilege while you still can. Take control of your destiny now. And get out of your parent’s house as soon as possible. Independence is a keystone of any entrepreneur.

You Already Have A Business But Your Job Is Your Security Blanket:  The truth is, the job you hate, is hurting the business that you love. How screwed up is that scenario?  How can you grow your business to the point it needs to be to sustain you when you are giving your good stuff to your employer ?  Keep in mind, you are also actively assisting in making someone else wealthy, so let’s get jiggy with it, and do that for ourselves. What say you?

You Are Being Verbally Abused, Bullied, Or Harrassed:  A paycheck, or anything else for that matter,  is not acceptable tender for abuse. Get the f*ck out. If you are reading this at work, and this is happening to you, I want you to stand up, pick up your things, get your sandwich out of the fridge, and walk out. If you are reading this blog, I trust that you already want to, or have started a creative business. If you need help getting a business started, you can email me at jellyvisionshow@podcast.com.

You Spend Your Workday Dreaming Up Business Ideas: You are an entrepreneur trapped in an employee’s world. If only there was a portal to the entrepreneurial world where you belong.. Oh yeah, it’s called a door. And if you also happen to have an emergency savings account, you should run, not walk, through it.

You Care More About The Company Than The Owner: I know who you are. You are the employee that shows up early, stays late, notices company problems and tries to fix them. You are constantly trying to instigate change. Screech! Pump the brakes. Your boss doesn’t want you to improve the company, he wants you to do your job, and not rock his gravy boat.

What you do for them, you can do for your own business. Make yourself rich by removing the salary ceiling. There is no salary ceiling in entrepreneurship. Work hard for yourself, and see your dreams come true, not someone else’s.

 The Jellysode:


Hey JellyVisionaries! Need help with business ideas, strategy, planning? I do creative business consulting! Contact me at jellyvisionshow@gmail.com.

I believe in you!



Four Money Mindsets For A Rich Life


Money Is A Tool

Money is often associated with greed, and corruption (Thanks Financial Crisis of 2008 and the $7.7 TRILLION bank bailout) but it’s simply a tool that we can use to gain freedoms and choices. Consider a brick. You can use it to build a house, or throw it, and break a window. As creative entrepreneurs, we need to adopt a more positive relationship with money so that we don’t sabotage our own success by our sheer aversion to it. This leads to weakness is pricing our products and services, under-education on money management, and even guilt for being paid for our goods and services. Evilization of money will cripple you in business. If it helps, think of all the good things that money does in the world. Check out the world-changing work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for a start. Prepare to feel good about money!


 Money Isn’t The Best Way To Get Rich

Have you known someone with lots of money, but little joy?  Me too! Being an entrepreneur since age 19, I’ve had times with plenty of money, and I’ve had less than zero money after one of my businesses failed. Having a negative amount of money was painful, but it opened my eyes to what was really valuable in my life. It wasn’t a single possession. In fact, I sold quite a few possessions in order to pay my bills.  At that time, I had nothing in the bank, but I realized I was very, very rich. The things that I value the most are my husband, my friends, my family, my health, my podcast, my improv troupe, and my burning desire to build businesses.  Everything else is gravy.

This article from RichDad.com points out that many people who make a lot of money are not monetarily rich because they spend too much on living expenses and taxes. They often spend what they earn, and then some. This is worth a read. Just because someone drives a nice car, and lives in a big house does not mean they are rich in any way.



 Time Is Worth More Than Money

We always here that time is money, but that isn’t exactly correct. Time is infinitely more valuable than money. You can always make more money which is one reason I don’t stress too much about it. I do stress out about time. Once you realize time is a non-renewable finite resource, you will guard it, value it, and cut out a lot of life’s bullsh*t. We start each day with the same 24 hours as everyone else. It’s empowering to know that we can take that even playing field and crush it by the end of each day. Here is a great post from Success.com on why time is more important than money. It turns out that people who value their time over money are much happier. And that is science, folks!



 Money Should Work For YOU

How can we get money working for us, and stop our daily scramble to pay our bills and get ahead? Good news, JellyVisionaries, there are lots of things you can do!

  • Pay yourself first. When money comes in, set aside 10% and put it in an interest savings account. We all waste at least 10% of our money, so trust me, you will still pay your bills, but you may go out to eat less. Once you save a thousand dollars, consider moving it our of a low interest savings account into a higher return investment. Here are some smart ways to invest $1,000 in 2016. 

  • Use affiliate marketing to make passive income. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other businesses’ products. Establish yourself as an affiliate with your favorite businesses, and start promoting them to your audiences with your affiliate code or link which will typically give your audience a discount and earn you a commission. Consult this article from ProBlogger on the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing. 

  • Sell products online. Your business can earn income while you sleep when you sell products online. Your store is never closed and is open to people all over the world. You just have to help them find you. Here is my post 10 Minutes To Selling Your Art Online but that method does take more monitoring than an online shop like etsy or having a shop live on your website. Here is an article on how to set up a store on your website.  It’s not as hard as you think!

The Jellysode:


I hope you enjoyed this blog post about money, JellyVisionaries! I wish you all the money you need to have the lifestyle and freedoms you desire. You are worth every penny!



Worry Is Not Worthy


Thanks Rumi!

Today is National Poetry Day so I Googled “best short poems” because I want to be one of those people than can memorize poems and pull them out at the perfect moment like in the movies! I know my best hope is to pick short poems. Well, a lot of “short poems” aren’t actually that short. I did come across the gem above by Rumi, and this is going to be the first one I memorize. I’m almost there! Oh soul…

This poem resonated with me because I am an NBW–a Natural Born Worrier, but I’ve trained myself out of my extreme worry habit because I was making myself ill with stress. Worry never helps anything, and it has no effect on the actual outcome of situations. I still have to remind myself on a daily basis not to worry, but instead, to take an action to alleviate that worry.

Quotes That Nail It!

“Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.”
– Dale Carnegie

“If you treat every situation as a life and death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.”
– Dean Smith

“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.”
– Robert Frost

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”
– Leo F. Buscaglia

“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”
– Swedish Proverb

Use Your Wings!

In yesterday’s blog post I wrote about the things making me uncomfortable, and how those things scare me a lot. It’s natural to worry about the things in life that scare you, but reading Rumi’s poem was the reminder I needed that I have what I need to eliminate my worrying. I am going to trust in my strength and not magnify my weaknesses. I’m going to use my wings to get things done.

Instead Of Worrying We Can Do This!

Remind yourself of all your strengths. Write them down if you need to.

Think of all the people that have supported you and believed in you. They’ve done that for a reason.

Prepare for what is ahead. Worrying about a presentation? Do your research, write your outline, make your slides. practice in front of a mirror or video camera.

Take action. If you are worried on a personal level such as worrying about a friend or family member, go ahead and pick up the phone, send an email, write a letter. Worrying is exhausting. It’s much more tiring than actually taking an action towards alleviating that worry. We tend to avoid taking action because it’s unpleasant or uncomfortable, but once the deed is done, you will be flooded with relief.

Stop cold turkey with the “What Ifs”. These are the things you can’t control and might not even happen. You are inventing unnecessary worries. Worrying about your air conditioning breaking on the hottest day of the year is a waste of your emotional energy because you can’t take any action to effect the probability or outcome of the “what if” scenario. You are also driving people nuts with it.

Smooth your worry lines, JellyVisionaries! We don’t have time to waste on something so unproductive. We have things to change, create, build, and invent.



Why We Should Help The Homeless Start Businesses


To save a life is a real and beautiful thing. To make a home for the homeless, yes, it is a thing that must be good; whatever the world may say, it cannot be wrong.”  

Vincent Van Gogh

Time To Make It Our Business

I can’t stop thinking about this article in The Washington Post that I read early this morning: In a wealthy Virginia suburb, their cars are their beds. It’s an article about three individuals who live in their cars because they can’t afford housing. They park their cars in the Home Depot parking lot about 2 miles from my house. Two of them have jobs, the third is an 81 year old woman. 81! If this article doesn’t leave you deeply saddened and sick to your stomach, you are probably voting for Donald Trump.

There is no easy, overnight solution to homelessness, but I know we can do better. I live in one of the top five wealthiest counties in America. Eighty thousand dollar cars drive by homeless people living in beat up cars, and tents tucked away in the woods every day. It’s disgusting. I am disgusting. I am disgusted with myself. I can do so much more than writing this blog post, or giving the homeless a few dollars when I see them. And I am seeing them. They are not invisible, but a glaring example of our failure to help those that are least able to help themselves.

I started thinking about all the challenges the homeless face each day, and it got me thinking…

The Homeless Have So Many Mad Business Skills!

I am absolutely astounded with the homeless, and their ability to survive under the harshest circumstances. How many of us could do it? Most of us have a support system we can fall back on if the shit ever hits the fan. My Mom would take me in at the drop of a hat, so would many of my friends. It’s a safety net I will probably never need, and don’t often think about, but it’s a privilege that I have as a result of luck more than anything else. Not everybody has that.

The skills I see the homeless possess will translate to a business quite nicely if they could get a chance at entrepreneurship. Having the chance to run their own business, and to be self reliant is the fast track to human dignity. Why can’t we put them in business instead of low paying, demoralizing, short-term jobs?  Turn them into employers, not employees.

A Surprising Set Of Skills:

Extreme Resourcefulness

Collaboration Skills

The ability to be uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

Respect for the value of the dollar, and how to stretch it.


Debt Avoidance




A Unique Perspective


Maybe you are thinking, “What about mental illness?” “An alcoholic shouldn’t have a business!”, “Are you telling me to invest in a junkie?”. I assure you there are mentally ill people, alcoholics, and druggies running blue chip companies. Companies you may already own stock in. We can address these issues AND help them start a business. I’m so radical!

Well, I want to do more than write this blog post. Anybody else want to do something to help fund businesses for the homeless? If we can train them for jobs, we can mentor them in business. Lots to think about here, JellyVisionaries.