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Jelly’s Weekly Round-Up Of Awesome Internet Finds! (Oct. 3-Oct. 9, 2016)


Something To Make You Smile:

If you are looking for that unique, meaningful, sappy, gift for your family, I think The Edinburgh Casting Company  pretty much nails it. The results are freaky amazing, and most of the kits are well under $100.

Something You Have To See:


I ordered this on Amazon this week, and I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can start cooking. “The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook is a collection of personal, food-related stories with recipes from 76 contemporary artists and writers.” I am looking forward to making recipes like Joyce Carol Oates’ Recipe In Defiance Of Grief.

A Shiny New App:


Do you have what it takes to use The Most Dangerous Writing App?  This writing app is impressive in its simplicity. You choose the length of time you wish to write and start the timer. Here’s the catch: If you stop typing all your words will be erase forever. This is a great pressure tool for those that need to get out of their heads and write. Go ahead, write dangerously!

An Awesome Business Article For Artists:

Hey JellyVisionaries! I’ve consulted with plenty of artists on how to sell their work,and I find it can be uncomfortable for an artist to do the selling because it is so personal. I was so happy to come across this article this week because it sells art to any potential buyer by listing 13 convincing reasons to buy original art for your home. Let these reasons reinforce your confidence when selling your art. Look at what your art does for people! It improves their daily happiness, increases conversations, and it even keeps their brains active! YOUR ART HAS EXTREME VALUE. Keep this article handy. 🙂


That’s it JellyVisionaries! I hope you enjoyed this week’s round-up. I’ll continue to keep an eye out for the good stuff. YOU deserve it! ?



How To Make Art And Money



Art and money go together like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo! If you listen to The JellyVision Show Podcast, you know that I firmly believe creatives are natural entrepreneurs, and artists of all types have the ability to make money, and achieve their version of success.  Making art and money aren’t mutually exclusive, and doing so doesn’t require special magic, life hacking, or extreme luck. What it does take is hard work, daily discipline, and the decision to respect your value.

First, Some Truth:

Just because you love creating doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be paid for it.

Just because it comes naturally to you doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be paid for it.

There are so many ways to make a living as a member of the creative class, but I find that a lot of extremely talented creatives, are missing one or more of these three fundamentals. Having these three basic things in place, will help launch your creative business.

1. Make It Easy Peasy For People To Find You:


If people can’t find you, they move on.

If People can’t find you, you will never find the money.

This may seem obvious, but I’ve found that many creatives don’t have a professional, online presence. This means that potential fans, and buyers can not find you, and you are losing money.

At the bare minimum, you need:

An Instagram Business Account: Post pictures of your work for sale, your studio, things in process, what you ate for breakfast, even your pet. Your fans are fascinated by you, and want those glimpses into your life and creative process. It’s called visual storytelling, and it’s what converts casual fans to rabid fans. Post one to three times a day. Respond enthusiastically to any comments.

A Facebook Business Page: The bottom line is that Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform, so you need to be there. In terms of time per day spent on social media, Facebook users spend approximately 60% more time on Facebook each day than their closest competitor (WhatsApp). Post once a day, and use Facebook advertising to reach your target audience for as little as $5 a day.

An Etsy Shop: Set up your etsy shop and put your shop link in your Instagram profile. People “shop” on Instagram. Make sure the items you post on INstagram are available in your Etsy shop, or “coming soon”. By the way, that is a great way to get pre-orders for a new product, and test its popularity. My two most recent art/craft purchases were made because I saw a photo on Instagram, clicked their Etsy link, and then found the item in the shop, and quickly purchased it. They made it easy! If the Etsy link had not been there, they would have been paid with a ‘like’.


2. Make It Easy Peasy For People To Buy SOMETHING:


You can sell more if you have more to sell.

Creating art/products that sell well, even when they don’t fulfill you creatively, doesn’t make you a sell-out. It makes you a super f*cking smart artist. Now, you have the money to create the work that does excite you. You can actually afford to take risks, and expand as an artist.

Products: (art, jewelry, crafts, books, designs, music, shows, etc) Think about your potential customers, and have products available at different price points. You may have a customer that wants to buy something, but today is not the day for them to buy your $3,000 oil painting. But, it might be the day for them to purchase a signed print, a framed sketch, or a mini painting. Conversely, maybe instead of a ticket to your show, they’d prefer a special, VIP Fan package.

Services: (freelance writing, commissioned work, screen printing, design, etc) Having multiple revenue streams is a terrific strategy for developing a more predictable and stable income. An indie author can attract freelance writing gigs, and a graphic designer can design tattoos.

Repeat Business: It is always easier to sell to an existing customer, than to get a brand new customer.

Email List: Collect emails as if you are mining for gold because each one is like a precious, reusable nugget. Gather an email address from every single customer, and client. This is how you can stay in touch with people who already like what you have to sell. Send them a newsletter on a regular basis to give them updates, special offers, and invite them to your events.

A Memorable: Give your customers something memorable with your email, social media handles, and website (if you have one). I think a unique business card, along with a small notebook stamped with your information is a nice touch. You can also hand out cool buttons, and stickers to your customers as a thank you. Again, you want to make it extremely easy for them to remember you, think of you, and find you again.

3. Make It Easy Peasy For People To Pay You:


Expecting people to pay by cash or check is bonkers.

Never lose a sale because you can’t process a credit card. Not so long ago, in order to accept credit cards on the go, you needed a business bank account, a Merchant Account number, and a bulky manual contraption that worked with these awful triplicate forms. It was an ordeal to say the least.

Now, you don’t have any of that hassle. You can get a Square Reader or a PayPal Here mobile reader for free, and process credit card on your phone. If you use PayPal, you can also send invoices, and accept credit cards that way.